Payment Options

  • Credit Cards or direct deposits are accepted for all purchases. Other forms of payment are available on request. Tax invoices are provided for all sales.

Website Pricing

  • All prices are in Australian Dollars.

Quotation Terms

  • All Quotes are valid for 7 days.

Stock Measurements

  • All images, technical drawings and .DWGs are listed from current estimates on existing or future moulds. We are not liable if the information contained in those files turns out to be inaccurate. Please check final measurements before placing any orders for confirmation.

Delivery Information

  • All delivery times are estimates only. Delivery times may increase further on seasonal and Public Holidays such as Christmas and Easter. Please allow additional time for delivery during these peak periods. Also, note that delivery may take a little longer to rural areas, so it’s best to order early.
  • The specified delivery location must be accurate. We reserve the right to charge additional fees if an incorrect delivery location is provided. Freight costs cover the delivery only and don’t include the removal of packaging and unpacking of items.
  • Delivery charges vary depending on your location and the number of items. Please contact us to get an accurate price on delivery.
  • All of our products must be inspected upon delivery. We, the supplier, will not be liable for missing or damaged items or any problems with delivery unless the Customer submits a claim in writing to us within 7 days of the delivery to which the claim relates.
  • If claims aren’t made within the above timeframe, the items are deemed accepted by the customer and cannot be returned or refunded.
  • Delivery is always quoted to the street address unless otherwise quoted.
  • We don’t install pots or position them inside the building unless a special arrangement has been organised, which may incur extra costs.
  • It is expected that the client has made arrangements for unrestricted access to the kerb of the delivery address for unloading to occur. Where pallets are involved, the client is expected to unload them by their forklift unless otherwise arranged.
  • In situations where we have arranged to deliver inside a building, the client is responsible for measuring doorways, walkways, elevators, and anything else of that nature to position the pots in appropriate safe locations easily and to ensure they will fit through relevant openings. If we encounter access issues during this, the pots are to be left onsite with the client to resolve without our assistance. This is not a returnable instance.
  • We are not liable for any damage that occurs to a building, furniture, or other items during positioning as a result of the delivery, which the customer accepts responsibility for.
  • If delivery is arranged and our team is not allowed on site, it is not our responsibility to redeliver without cost. We will have to pass on additional delivery costs if we cannot access the site address for any reason.

Stock Items

  • All Pots must be installed in accordance with our planting guide. This includes using techniques specified in the Pot Care Section of the website, including proper drainage, not using inappropriate soils or clays in the pot – which may greatly increase the weight, not using overweight items or plants in the pots, and working within the general expected usage guidelines of a regular pot.
  • All pots should be installed on pot feet.
  • All Items are shipped with protective wrapping and proper packaging for their protection. Once the item has been signed for and agreed to be in good condition, the condition of the item is then up to the buyer to maintain. Please bear in mind that all items will scratch or break if not treated with care, which can be said for any item available to purchase.
  • It can be common for new cement-based pots to develop a light white substance on the pot’s surface due to the manufacturing process. This usually subsides after a few months of the pot being out in the elements. This substance can easily be cleaned with a damp cloth. We will not refund or replace pots based on this natural chemical reaction from the pots.
  • Items are still classified as functional if they can hold potting mix and house an appropriately sized plant. Items are still functional even if they become scratched or fade due to exposure to the elements such as sun, rain, etc.
  • We do not refund or replace items for minor imperfections or surface cracks around the pot rim. Minor imperfections or cracks may occur around the rim of a pot as a result of the drying process and setting. This is not classified as a defect in the pot; it is just part of its life.
  • Occasionally, Pots sold will need extra reinforcement due to their size or the nature of the finish to provide the best lifespan for the pot and its plants. Our custom-developed plastic inserts, specifically made for extra protection against the elements, can accomplish this.
  • Our handmade pots can vary in colour, weight, shape & finish due to the manufacturing process. We conduct inspections on every item before delivering. However, there can still be a variation from item to item due to the manufacturing process. Also, every computer monitor will vary the colour of our products from the actual colour of the item you are purchasing due to their individual settings, so please use this as a guide only. If you need accurate colour representation, you can request further photos, or samples can be arranged for large orders. We do not provide refunds based on shapes, colours, weight, or the finish not being what you thought it should be, so place all orders carefully.
  • Please note that as there is a mix of handmade and custom-sized pots, slight variations in the overall Height, Width, Length, and Diameter can occur during the manufacturing process. We believe the tolerances are less than 10mm in fluctuations for specially ordered custom created pots or less than 75mm for other general handmade pots. If you require exact measurements for a project, please contact our team so we can check, as measures can be taken for even smaller tolerances. Custom-painted items may increase the fluctuation in measurements by up to 5mm.
  • Cast Iron products will rust over time, forming a natural patina. This is not considered a product defect, and returns will not be given based on this.
  • Efflorescence, a naturally occurring process where leeching can occur from the Pots over time, is not considered a defect, and returns will not be given based on this. Please note that the application of Bitumen Sealer can reduce the likelihood of this occurring. Bitumen Sealer is not applied to Pots sold unless otherwise arranged.
  • Pots 70cm and larger in width (diameter) are sold as cover pots only. We recommend using liners to contain plant root growth.
  • All of our pots require adequate elevation off the ground to provide sufficient drainage to avoid water being blocked from escaping drainage holes. We recommend pot feet with all of our orders to provide sufficient ground clearance to achieve this. If adequate clearance isn’t provided by the pot and the surface below it, damage can occur, and this will void your warranty.
  • Pots are not built to be water tanks. They need water to drain freely from them to protect the plants inside them and the pot’s material integrity and finish.
  • We do not install pots, and therefore, we are not liable for damage caused by poor installation. For all commercial-scale jobs, we require a licensed landscaper who has reviewed our terms and conditions and pot care guidelines; otherwise, our warranty is void. For residential jobs, the owner is also expected to follow our terms and conditions and pot care guidelines; otherwise, our warranty is void.
  • Any physical customisations/alterations made by the customer to our pots will void our warranty, including, but not limited to, blocking drainage holes, cutting, reshaping, alterations, using geofabric, drilling additional holes, and adding custom drainage systems with plumbing. All of these types of alterations alter how the pot was designed to be used and, therefore, void our warranty.
  • All wrapping and packaging must be removed from the pots within 3-5 days of delivery to avoid affecting the paintwork, E.g., Blistering paint.
  • All pots must be placed on stable level ground; otherwise, damage can occur to the pots, voiding the warranty.
  • All custom Dulux painted finishes are finished in low sheen for the best quality finish.
  • Custom finishes can vary slightly from Dulux swatches due to textured and porous surfaces.
  • Some specialised finishes, such as our Rust finish, may produce a colour runoff during rain, watering or other conditions. We are not responsible for any costs associated with cleaning or repairs associated with this runoff. We also don’t accept returns of product based on this expected result.
  • The bunging of drainage holes and applying of sealer is only completed upon request and is done so as a moisture barrier only. This process is not considered a waterproofing solution and is often used in conjunction with a waterproof grow pot insert not supplied by our business.
  • After our business takes payment for an order, the customer accepts that 40% of the purchase amount is non-refundable, even in the event of cancelling the order or in a change of mind circumstance. This is due to us having to cover the costs of placing your order upon accepting payment and preparation expenses around your order.
  • We provide a professional planting guide to protect our pots and avoid damage through incorrect planting practices. Failure to use these correct planting practices breaches the warranty of our pots.
  • Pots that contain a rust finish have the potential to leach rust onto the surface below the pot, as is the case with all rust surfaces. Products exist that can seal the outside of the pot, such as Porter’s rust sealer, but the customer would need to apply this.

Pot Care Guidelines

These guidelines have been developed to provide all pots sold with a longer lifespan if treated and maintained correctly.

  • All pots must be sealed with Bondall water-based bitumen sealer, as per our Pot Care Guidelines, to avoid future imperfections.
  • All Pots must have feet purchased with them to provide adequate drainage. The use of pot feet is a condition of your warranty.
  • Plastic inserts are available to plant into.
  • We exclusively recommend potting mix as a planting medium. Use of sand, concrete, foam, normal soil and other harmful materials will void your warranty.
  • All black/charcoal-coloured pots will fade in the Australian UV; pots can be painted to avoid this.
  • Fibreglass and concrete-based products can be prone to surface cracking; this is not structural damage and does not jeopardise the quality of the pot. If concerned, simple fillers can be used for aesthetic purposes. E.g. Think of how a concrete path may obtain cracks over time due to shrinkage and expansion, but this doesn’t affect the structural integrity of the path.
  • Damaged pots can be repaired with builders bog and then painted to match original finish.
  • We recommend using good-quality potting mix when using our Pots. Avoiding soil, dirt, and clay will lengthen the life of the pots and potted plant life and reduce the overall weight of the pot.
  • When moving a pot, please ensure it is free of items to reduce the strain on the pot. Please take care when moving our pots, as they are often large in size and weight and can cause injury if not handled properly. More than one person should assist when moving large pots.
  • Ensure pots are placed appropriately to avoid injuries or damage to the pot. Always get weight estimates from trained professionals before placing large pots on balconies or at height due to the risk of them falling and causing injury.
  • Refer to our complete Pot Care Guidelines for more information.
  • Straight-edge pots, such as planter boxes and troughs, can experience bowing or warping under certain conditions either during design or use due to being hand-made products. This is by design and is not considered a fault. If a customer wants a perfect straight edge, they can use steel or rotary-moulded plastic, but this, of course, will cost a lot more.
  • Cast Iron products will get surface rust by design, which is a sought-after patina unique to the cast iron range.
  • Teak furniture is designed to weather gracefully changing colour during its lifespan. Stainers can be used to reduce this effect if required. Being a wooden product, natural cracking can occur as a natural part of the timber’s aging process.

* We exclusively recommend low-voltage pumps for safety; we DO NOT recommend using a 240V pump – use at your own risk.

Our Liability

  • We cannot be held liable for unforeseen delays related to Covid-19 that are outside our control.
  • We cannot be held liable for acts outside our control, such as delays at wharves or customs or shipping schedules.
  • If quoted/invoiced lead times lapse due to supply chain issues from our factory, we can’t be held liable for unforeseen acts outside of our control nor compensate the client for the delay.
  • Customers have 7 days to inspect all products after delivery and report any defects or issues. Otherwise, outside of this period, product returns will not be accepted based on reported damage or product dissatisfaction.


  • Our Planting Guide must be followed for warranty purposes.
  • The warranty does not cover damage to the pot due to incorrect plant choices or invasive root systems.
  • Defective pots will be either repaired on-site or replaced at our option.
  • If we elect to replace the pots, we are responsible for the redelivery to kerbside only.
  • If we elect to repair in-place, the customer agrees to allow site access and mutually agreed dates and times
  • In all cases, the customer is responsible for the removal, replanting, materials, equipment (such as crane) hire and relandscaping.
  • All our items are covered by a manufacturer’s 12-month repair or replacement warranty unless voided. The warranty period commences from the payment date of the final invoice for goods purchased.
  • Items can take up to 180 days to replace under warranty if manufactured overseas and up to 90 days if manufactured locally.

Our Return Policy

  • Returns from change of mind will incur a 40% restocking fee plus return freight.
  • The original freight costs are non-refundable.
  • Where we agree to return items, the customer will prepare the items “freight ready” – that is, packaged up in the same way as originally delivered, and available for pickup at the mutually agreed date and time.

Payment Terms

Payment Terms are outlined below

  • For orders under $10,000, the full payment amount is required to secure stock for delivery
  • For orders over $10,000, we require
    • 50% payment is required on the initial deposit to commence the order.
    • Final 50% remaining payment is required no less than 10 business days (2 weeks) out from the final delivery date (we encourage customers to pay the remainder earlier to avoid delays)
    • If a customer cannot or will not pay the remaining 50% balance prior to 10 business days (2 weeks) before delivery, then the order delivery date will be affected and can be pushed back between 5-15 business days, depending on existing deliveries for which we cannot be held liable. Stock will not be delivered without final payment.

Media Use and Privacy

Upon working with us and paying for orders, you accept that:

  • Your project may be listed on our website or associated businesses we work with as partners.
  • Any images you provide us may be used on our website and across our advertising channels, including Facebook and Instagram, newsletters, printed catalogue publications, and other advertising materials. If you do not wish for this to happen, you need to explicitly tell us not to.
  • You may be listed as a client we have worked with in the past.
  • You have to specify in writing if you do not wish for us to list information about our projects undertaken with you.
  • If we have incorrectly listed your project photos or content in our advertising and you don’t want us to, let us know in writing, and we will remove it (if possible).