Advantages of Custom Spray

Our custom spray is a commercial-grade finish which we strongly recommend for Australian conditions after 30 years in the pot business.

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Your choice of great colours, like our best-selling Charcoal, Concrete, Limestone, Dulux White-on-White, Colorbond Monument, or Colorbond Night Sky. For a small surcharge of $30 per pot, we also can do any other colour in the Dulux or Colorbond ranges, as well as most other ranges. Matching to a project or existing installation is easy.


Colours are consistent and won’t fade over time, unlike most infused colours and inferior paints. We use Australian Dulux, including Weathershield, giving our custom spray Dulux’s 15-year guarantee against blistering, peeling, or flaking. Weathershield is also renowned for its durability and colour quality.


Easy cleaning, despite harsh Australian conditions leading to dust and grime build-up. Weathershield can be easily cleaned with soap and water.


Repair is easy too, should your pots be damaged. Most will never need it, but if something does somehow manage to damage you pot, some builders’ bog and a lick of Weathershield and your pot will be good as new.

Water efficiency

Watering needs are reduced, as the paint seals the pot surface against evaporation.


Helps prevent efflorescence, the white leaching bloom that appears on wet masonry and ceramics as water dissolves salts and minerals from fertiliser and concrete products and carries them through to the surface.

Helps prevent crazing, the fine web of tiny, shallow cracks that can form on ceramics, concrete, mud, and even wood.

Conceals the non-structural cracking that will occur in all concrete-based products due to shrinkage and expansion.

Cannot be washed out or leached away, unlike factory infused colours