Pots Maintenance Plan

All pots supplied should have a regular maintenance plan carried out to protect your investment and extend the life of the pot and plants.

Please perform the following scheduled maintenance items every 3 months

• Routinely inspect and unblock any drainage holes that have been filled with debris. Water should drain freely to avoid damage to plants and pots

• Paint should be inspected for premature wear or damage due to external forces. If paint damage is detected on a custom painted pot simply use a roller with the correct Dulux paint and apply a touch up to the affected area after thoroughly cleaning the area and allowing to dry

• Inspect the pots aren’t receiving too much water. Overlywatering pots can result in damage to the pots and plants. Pots are not designed to be pools for permanent water retention

• Ensure that Pots are adequately elevated for sufficient drainage to occur. All pots require feet or adequate drainage under the pot. If the pot sits flush with the ground,chances are its drainage holes are block resulting in damage to pots and plants

• Inspect the inside of the pot where possible to ensure correct planting methods have occurred. Ensure no geofabric, sand, foam, cement mixes or other heavy debris have been used when planting up the pot. These practices go against our planting guide and can result in damage to the plants and pots. If you find that the landscaper has done this you can potentially reverse this process to protect your investment.In following these simply maintenance steps you will extend the life of your pots and plants protecting your investment.

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